Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The latest cut & Aug 8th

Putting the finishing touches to the latest cut of Cryptopticon: ‘tightening’ of key moments or revisit beats with additional coverage – one of the major charges is in the soundscape, depth and width.

This won’t matter to most people, as only a few saw the very first assembly. Still, thought I’d share it for history’s sake.

Excited about the Aug 8th screening.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Cast & Crew Screening v 2.0

I haven’t done this in a while – blogging is a routine one should do every day or it goes to mush.

Anyway, updates:

Working on smoothing few ‘kinks’ in the edit to be ready for the cast and crew party – which is getting bigger than Ben Hur.

The marketing people took one look at the film and have gone wild with enthusiasm: ‘Counterculture, Insane, Ban-able! (new word – apparently it is desirable to have your film/project banned by as many government bodies as possible – ASIO/FBI?)’, psychotic, infectious, sick, rattling etc….apparently all these are synonyms of very good.

Anyway – because of this wave of unplanned and dopamine-fuelled optimism - the initially small and intimate C&C affair has metamorphed into a huge alien ship.

So in addition to the C&C – add to it an underground campaign and viral marketing campaign.

If that wasn’t enough - also planned a video puzzle hunt – so working on the edit to ‘insert’ subliminal easter eggs in the film (video gamers know what the jargon means leave it to you to explain it to neophytes).

Invites have gone out…many-many-many industry players and other VIPs on the night; should be interesting. Might get shut down or arrested or both. I’m bringing my lawyers to be on the safe side.

Those of you connected, be sure to click on the facebook invite to let the caterers know. Or be sure to follow the instructions on the invite – which was sent to your postal address of August 2008.

By the way first in best dressed, as there are limited seats.

See all the believers then.