Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nearly there...

Very good week of editing the “Y goes berserk scene" for those of you who are geeky about these things it's Scene 30.

Yes, it takes me at least a week to get the bulk of the scene sorted – which is par for course really about 8 hrs for 4-5 minute scene. I think - some people claim 1 hr per 1 minute of screen time...which would ma ke me slow - but I enjoy trying out combinations - all for the better long-term - but if does chop up efficiency.

The shots were all spectacular – all worked – performances top notch– camera work steady and sure, lighting (hmm – okay but will be better next time – can be fixed somewhat in post). Sound – bit noisy but can fix.

Nearly there friends/comrades/amigos/compadres/freund...nearly there...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Delays? What delays?

Long time no blog/post dear travellers. Well, I’ve been sort of busy – with what holidays and the rest. Rest assured ladies and gents I was still working on the magnum opus. Every day in fact.

Not finished yet – I’m 80% of the way there – I know, I said this before nearly there...- so what’s the hold up Dr Marzella?

The delay is due to the fact that I keep f*&^ing around with each scene a million times – then rethink the whole thing and start from scratch. All for the better I hope. Who knows? Does it matter? ‘Cause I’m having tons of fun – the footage…the footage: a kaleidoscope of options and alternatives – it’d be artistic bankruptcy to default to the obvious choices.

I even get a thrill at fixing the edit for crappy camera operating and dodgy cinematography – sorry guys, yes, no one is perfect – yet there is a semi-sexual thrill in turning a sow’s ear into a silk purse - steal a look from here cut for a reaction shot from that take trying to miss the crew or a light stand in the background.

Anyway – it still holds up!

Why do I sound excited?

Well – human nature dictates that you do get jaded even by the most beautiful of things.

Desensitisation or acclimatisation; pick your scientific terminology.

Yet MbM is still intriguing. And a promising thrill-ride.

The edit – well yes - we are beyond assembly really – not final cut but a little more than a rough cut – let’s call it a middle cut – is getting there. Still to do sound mix of course but could get there quickly.

Anyway – I'm keeping you all in suspense – I hope.

March 09 is a doable date...

You will be surprised I guarantee that...